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Tomáš Babulák
Michal Martinů
How to increase a mobile app’s reach to customers by 26%?
Focus on accessibility. About one in seven people live with some disability that affects their interactions with their environment.
We are the best mobile app developers
We are proud to announce that Clutch has recognized Futured as one of the 2022 leaders in the app development industry.
Lada Brůnová
National Museum in your pocket
The new mobile application that we have developed for an important museum institution offers visitors a tailor-made experience thanks to its interactive and audiovisual elements.
Martin Sumera
Preventing leaks of personal data and passwords
While a mobile app’s security is not visible at first glance, ensuring the safety of users' data is absolutely crucial. At Futured, we work with three basic security levels and one extension.
Lada Brůnová
Native, hybrid, or web application? Which is best?
We have written the following guide to help you understand the differences between native, hybrid, and web mobile apps and find the best development method for your company. TL;DR: They all have a purpose.
Lada Brůnová
Apps that save companies time, save millions
Time is of the essence, and first takes the cake. A good mobile app can optimise work procedures and tasks, saving time for employees and big money for the company.